Weekly Post Challenge: “Early Bird”

High contrast black and white street photography

Sangria Sunrise

Well, I’m back for a limited time!

Thanks again to all those who have congratulated me on the group exhibition, which will continue to be on until mid-June. Apart from that, I have been working on a couple other projects, one of which had me and Kim out of the country for a while. I’ll reveal that one soon enough.

As I have created some good opportunities for myself, I certainly have to be an early bird and get the jump on them while they’re still viable.

I’m still running around crazy getting things done, plus I now have nearly 500 e-mails to get caught up on. So, a very special thanks to everyone who has patiently stuck around, and continued to see and inquire as to when I’d pop my head back up again, either here or in Hammer Home. It is greatly appreciated, and I’m looking forward to sharing the outcomes with you all bit-by-bit.

Now, this shot is definitely one that I had to be out and about quite early for when the sun was low and casting the deep dark shadows I love to exploit in my imagery.

Weekly Post Challenge: “Blur”

TheMOFMan Exhibits | The Atrium@MIP

Art Exhibition Advertisement

I’m excited to be showing photography in the 17th Art in the Workplace (AWP) Exhibition in The Atrium @ McMaster Innovation Park (MIP).

If you’re in Hamilton or in the vicinity of Hamilton please join us – more that 100 visual artists showing lots of art, on:

Thursday, April 2nd 7:00pm to 9:00pm

for the gala opening at:

175 Longwood Road South, Hamilton

This promises to be a neo-Salon style group exhibition with wine, cheese, live music and a chance to meet the artists, the AWP Board, MIP Staff and tenants!

The 17th AWP Exhibition will continue to run until July 16, 2015, and will be available for viewing 9:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday (excluding holidays). Apart from attending the opening and closing, I will be at The Atrium@MIP most Thursday and Friday evenings between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Weekly Post Challenge: “Ephemeral”

Lightning Photography

Finger of God

I don’t care what a few optimistic quantum physicists say. It’s impossible to read the mind of God. Predicting lightning strikes is far easier but that’s not to say that it’s easy. Not much gets any more ephemeral than lightning.

Most of my shots are inevitably wasted but there are those successes that I treasure. Can a photographer ever get bored of shooting lightning? I can’t imagine that. It is a highlight of my summertime experiences. It’s sheer fun through imminent danger, the extreme of nature/scenic photography while still in this planet’s atmosphere.

Lightning is, as everybody knows, a natural phenomenon that occurs all over the world, so I don’t have to travel to exotic locals or storm-chase, in order to shoot it. I can just wait for it to come to my general region. There are, nevertheless, special places that I’d like to go where the bolts and the backdrops are sure to create spectacular images.

I prefer to show lightning doing something really interesting, like striking a grounded object, not just arcing between the earth and sky. Such shots are really rare, occurring completely by blind luck. You’ve got to be in the right place at the right time for those kinds of images. Lightning is lightning. You get what you get!

Good lightning photography always causes observers to speak in expletives, and evokes thought and dialogue on nature, science and spirituality. Those reactions are what I aim to bring about through my lightning photography.

Weekly Post Challenge: “Wall”

Little Dogs in Black and White Street Photography

Please Come Back

For most of my life, walls have been obstacles to overcome. Sometimes they are welcome challenges, and other times they are nothing but burdens.

It goes without saying that life throws up a lot of walls. To get through them certainly takes tenacity, at least.

Weekly Post Challenge: “Serenity”

Weekly Post Challenge: “Shaded”


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