#Mercenartist 2017

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MOF Boarding Pass 2017

For those who have followed my blogs and social media accounts, I seemed to have dropped out of existence approximately midway through 2016.  I was also on quite an art exhibition circuit but that too came to a screeching halt.  This is because my wife and I were emotionally overwhelmed.  Although we were able to travel a bit, and I was able to continue with certain projects, much of the year was spent with our lives and thoughts being painfully impacted by the deaths of a number of people.  Many others that we know and are acquainted with happened to have the same experience.  It really seems like 2016 had an unusually high rate of mortality all around the world.

In response to these trials, I’d like to say that the MOF resolution for 2017 is to create more art that celebrates life but I’d be kidding myself.  The art of MOF has always been about exploring and celebrating life; real life, fictional life, near, distant, familiar, unfamiliar, joyful and even saddening aspects of life.  So, I wouldn’t be breaking any new ground here.

Once again, I have a tonne of e-mail to get caught up on.  I won’t be able to get to all of them.  I’m afraid that I’ll have to delete most of them, and accept the loss where I stood to make considerable gain from some of them.  I just want to thank everyone; nevertheless, for sticking with MOF and wishing my wife and I the best all this time, and let everybody who follows MOF know that I’m still around.  I’m still creating, planning and hoping to use art to enrich your lives as well as my own.

The only real changes are that I aim to push my comfort zone in terms of artistic expression and marketing.  Maybe I’ll push others too with these modifications.

I had better get on with it because, after all, each of us only has one fleeting life to live.

Weekly Post Challenge: “Curve”

Black and white BW B&W Hamilton Ontario Canada contemporary urban photography landscape

This Way & That Way

This is how I’ve taken to composing city skyline images in recent years. I used to shoot them by positioning my camera from a fair distance and at an average terrain elevation to try and capture virtually everything. Through my learning curve I had to face the reality that pretty much everybody shoots skylines this way. I began to take on a different approach.

I’m still open to doing things the usual way but so that such urban landscapes wouldn’t become too static, I decided to move closer and start shooting smaller sections of cities from various angles, including aerials.

Arboretum Virtualis | XIII

Black and white tree forest landscape photography


I’m always impressed by the power of nature, and trees often inspire me to think of things that really don’t matter to the average person especially when I’m out in the woods.

At any given point on the Earth’s surface the atmosphere, which is approximately 100 kilometers thick at sea level, exerts an incredible downward weight of 4,526,851,852,600,000 metric tonnes (4,990,000,000,000,000 tons). The tiniest blades of grass and the loftiest trees withstand this. Our own bodies withstand it most impressively.

That is, until a good strong lateral wind is able to knock a mighty tree down, uprooting its foundation and all.

Pardon the pun but that just blows my mind!

TheMOFMan’s Answer to B&W Sunday: Diagonals

Black and white BW B&W Hamilton Ontario Canada contemporary urban photography

Urban Village

So, the latest photography challenge by Paula Borkovic over at Lost in Translation is meant to get photographers thinking about using diagonal elements and aesthetics in composition. This prompted me to post a shot from my Hammer Home Street Photography Project.

Locke Street South is a popular, trendy, business and residential district in the city of Hamilton. It has an interesting history that goes back to a couple decades before Canada became a nation. The look and sounds of this area are a welcome blend of that which is classic with the contemporary. Deceptively, it appears as though this little spot is completely self-sufficient from its surrounding neighborhood and metropolis.

I wanted to make a landscape of Locke South that would convey that proud sense of independence. The best way for me to do it was as an aerial with the district running from the lower left corner to the upper right, and having the lush suburban canopy flanking the street towards the opposite corners.

My overall aim was to show just how cozy and tight-knit this community appears to be in a single shot.

Arboretum Virtualis | XII

Black and white tree forest landscape photography

Taiga in Sunlight

I have lived my entire life in and around this biome. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of playing in these forests alone and with friends; coming across a myriad of beasts, and fantasizing about mythical ones.

The taiga is still one of the places I retreat to when I need a breather from everyone and everything in the rat race.

Arboretum Virtualis | XI

TheMOFMan Exhibits Again at the Atrium | AWP

art exhibition advertisement

I just wanted to briefly announce that I will have landscape photography on display in the 20th Art in the Workplace (AWP) Exhibition in The Atrium @ McMaster Innovation Park (MIP).

Come and see me and 157 other visual artists in the neo-Salon style show. This is one of the largest group exhibitions in the region.

If you’re in Hamilton or in the vicinity of Hamilton come to the Atrium and meet us, the AWP Board, MIP Staff and tenants.

It’s all happening on:

Tuesday, April 5th 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

for the gala opening at:

175 Longwood Road South, Hamilton

The 20th AWP Exhibition will be available for viewing 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday (excluding holidays). I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

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