Illustrated City Part 1

Organic Jigsaw

It’s been on the wall of this parking lot on Hughson Street for years, untouched.  It’s always been my favourite from the City of Hamilton.

I have no idea what the graffiti artist called it or if the piece was even intended to have a name.  This is what I call it anyway.

I’m just all too happy for the opportunity to turn it into urban photography.

The tips of a vine growing over the textured cement wall are nature’s nice and subtle touches to the composition.

2 thoughts on “Illustrated City Part 1

    • I appreciate that. As much as I like the shapes, I couldn’t be certain if I was looking at letters or just abstract forms. Even the signature up top was a bit difficult for me to decipher. I asked a number of people for help and got nothing. Thanks to you, I can now see the letters. I’m very impressed.

      Where is the artist now?

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