What’s in a Tagline?

Conceptual sketch for a starship bridge; a means of escapism.

A tagline is like a catchy slogan.  For example, an impressive one for Hasbro’s recreated G.I. Joe toy concept was “A Real American Hero”.  Following a company name; graphically placed below the name or off to one side in smaller sized letters, a tagline can help define and promote a product or brand.

I don’t know when taglines first came into use.  I read somewhere that the term tagline may have originated from the once common inclusion of catchphrase signatures that were tagged onto the ends of pre- and early Internet bulletin board system messages.

Many artists still don’t use taglines.  Just their name is enough for them.  There are those of us; nevertheless, who like the little marketing device.

There aren’t any hardened rules with regards to artists who like to use taglines.  The general idea; however, is to keep it to eight words or less and make it have an overt artistic reference (deliberately using words like “art”, “artist”, “paint”, “painter”, “painting”, “photography”, etc.).  MOF of course uses “Illustrated Adventure” as a tagline.

I chose that after reworking my bio and artist’s statement one night.  After collecting my thoughts to write them out, I considered how I could condense everything that I had written into eight words or less that describes MOF, me and my work.  It dawned upon me that I have always been intrigued with the exploration of the universe, society, and my own idiosyncrasies and eccentricities.  I do enjoy sharing these with anyone willing to take a respectful interest.

I can remember reading a statement by M.C. Escher in which he described his own frustration at the limitations of reality; therefore, he used his art to try to create the fantasies in his head; that he perceived as actual or potential realities, as genuine reality.  I really wish I had kept that statement.  I’d love to have quoted it here.  I identify with that statement quite strongly.

I’m tolerant of reality but even then I tend to seek out the parts of reality that most others ignore, don’t understand or deliberately shun.  Not necessarily perverse aspects of reality but definitely things that are explored by only a minority.  As for all that isn’t real, I too try to create it through art just so that I can shamelessly indulge in that fantasia.


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