The Guts of an Artist

A King Street troubadour sings his heart out on a duct-taped acoustic guitar.

I talk about myself an awful lot in this blog.  It’s not for want but out of necessity.  People need to know about artists, and not necessarily just by their work.  An artist has to open his or her mouth and talk about themselves.  An artists usually has to let people know what makes him or her tick.

From a very early age, I took to writing very easily.  I have always expressed myself better this way than by actually speaking.  Even in high school writing was one of my majors, not just the visual arts which I pursued in college.

Apart from writing about my art in any obvious artistic contexts, there are still matters that are extremely personal to me that still have tremendous impact on my artistic perspective.  These are things that I usually don’t share with others primarily out of principles of privacy, and secondarily because I typically think that others in this world could care less.  Things that I will express in ways that are more personal than usual.

So, if anyone actually has any interest in me and my work, they have to get used to this “I . . . I . . . I, I’ve, I’m, my,” and, “me.” stuff in my blog entries.

To do this, I’ve started another series in this blog called “Viewpoint”.  Some of the things I have to say may be risky to me as a commercial artist who is not famous but is always working on improving his marketability.  Some things may be agreeable to most.  For whatever they’re worth to anyone, here it comes!


2 thoughts on “The Guts of an Artist

  1. There is nothing wrong with talking about ourselves. After all we are the only person we live with for 24 hours a day. There is only one me. True people are too busy to care sometimes but still sometimes we get lucky.

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