SP From the Vault

No Hanky Panky

Columbia University has a campus in Hamilton’s neighbourhood of Ainslie Wood East.  At varying times of the day, it’s possible to see teachers and other faculty loitering on the next door property of Camelot Towers high-rise apartment buildings.  It resembles a public park there; a good place to take a smoking break.  Columbia’s students will also make use of the space.

My wife and I saw this pair getting all fresh with each other.  The guy was getting his jollies passing one hand up his girlfriend’s skirt, while reaching down her blouse with the other.  She was hardly putting up a fight until she was the first to see my wife and I watching closely.  I think my wife got their attention from a distance when she loudly expressed her disgust at their frolicking when it was possible for someone to walk by with their small children.

We took the fun out of the moment for these Columbia uniformed students.  Not wanting to get into trouble, the girl did all but knock her male companion into next week as she suddenly demanded decorum.


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