Spiders & Halloween

The Loner

Seeing as how its close to Halloween, and so many people are talking about spiders I thought I’d add this shot.

My wife absolutely hates spiders but I think they’re so impressive.  This is an Orb Weaver.

I had to contort myself into a very small place with a 300mm macro/zoom in order to make this at that angle.  I’ll always be pretty proud of this one, even if it creeps others out.

I’m glad that I got just enough webbing to show in it.  For a moment I thought about post-processing the web to make it brighter but I think it would have made the image to unrealistic.


6 thoughts on “Spiders & Halloween

  1. Oh, I love those Orb Weavers. Through a macro/long lens they are beautiful little things. 🙂 I love this image too. Glad you processed it the way you did. Looks a bit like magic with the web, which is appropriate being Halloween and everything. Great image! 🙂

  2. it’s true I really dislike spiders, well it’s more than dislike! this is a great shot taken by Allan and yes it’s true about contorting his body to get this shot. I like many others are impressed with this and yes, you can buy this pciture from Allan just contact him for more details.

    Kim Hamilton, Allan’s Wife

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