SP From the Vault


I’m someone who usually thinks life is good
       But I’ve met people who typically think life is hell.
Life isn’t a bed of roses for me; I still have to fight.
       They gave up on dreaming a long time ago.
I try to control my anger;
       They feed theirs.
I wish them happiness, prosperity and long life.
       They wish me misery, poverty and a slow agonizing death.
I generally take care of my health;
       They self-harm.
I have a few really close friends.
       They surround themselves with a lot of people they really don’t trust.
I have someone that I adore, and who loves be back.
       They hate everyone, and have no one.
I really feel terribly for them.
       They find comfort in my sadness.
I must admit that this callous and cynical world has made me just a little like them;
       I can only pray that they may try to actually be a bit more like me.
I know that they and I will never see eye-to-eye.
       They only contemplate opportunities to pluck mine out.
So, I’ll leave them be;
       They don’t care.


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