Kepler-22b the New Rädën

Okay, so it was announced on December 5, 2011 that the extrasolar planet Kepler-22b is man’s best hope yet for a new Earth, yada . . . yada . . . yada!

What does this means for this sci-fi and fantasy illustrator?  Will Kepler-22b become the new Rädën?  Possibly; the available specs on this world are promising as they are.  There are even size and potential surface gravity similarities to that which have already been established for my fictional world, as it would have existed around Upsilon Andromedae c.  While I am very excited; however, I must curb my enthusiasm.

We can only guess at the density of Kepler-22b, and if that is off by only a smigin my hopes of using this newly discovered rock; newly discovered to us of course, as the setting for my greatest adventures away from Earth will vanish.  Furthermore, between now and the scheduled June 2012 data release, NASA could announce any number of even better suited worlds.  So, I’m just going to cool my jets and watch very carefully.


2 thoughts on “Kepler-22b the New Rädën

    • Thank you so much.

      It’s a rotten shame that Keppler-22b proved to be an inadequate setting for my work. It’s also a shame that June came and went without any developments that I could really take advantage of. I must remain patient, nevertheless.

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