Illustrated City Part 4


I saw this one tonight and had to compose the image.  It’s exemplary to my focus.  I converted it into a tritone with two greens as I’m certain that the what’s-it-what’s-it who scrawled it with such vehemence is suffering from a deep-seated double-dose of envy.

Is it just me or am I actually correct in my perception that the majority of the human species relishes feeling, exuding and expressing hate? Am I correct in my fear that the opposite is far from reality? I would even settle for a convincing argument that while goodness isn’t enduring, there is still an even balance between love and hate that we are overlooking due to our pessimism.

Is there anyone that can truly quantify the strengths or weaknesses between good and evil? To ask this makes me feel like I’m daring someone to prove one or the other beyond a shadow of a doubt. There, of course is the old adage, “Be careful of what you wish for!” The stern warning does nothing; however, to quell my gnawing interest in the dilemma and the future of mankind as a result of it.

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