Weekly Post Challenge

At the Crossroads in Winter

I last saw her there at the crossroads in winter.
She drove in on the road with a deep dip in it;
All pleased as punch with herself,
And before her kiss on my cheek had dried,
She slapped it, caught the intersecting train and was gone.

I endure the scar of that smack
For being incapable of being any real comfort to her.
I swear I could stare at a mountain and turn it to dust
But I‘m powerless to strip off the imp that leaches her spirit.
I can only trust in her to fight in her own way, far away.

It’s because I adore her so,
Why I wait here
At the crossroads in this winter chill.
I watch for the day that she returns to me again;
All pleased as punch with herself.


15 thoughts on “Weekly Post Challenge

    • It kind of is.

      Unrealated to the poem, I’ve noticed for the past couple months now that there is an old man who loiters around a small ma-and-pa garage business nearby. In the wee hours of the morning, He’s in his pickup truck waiting for the place to open. In the evenings he’s puttering around the garage or talking to the others there. When it’s really late, and the garage is obviously well closed, he’s there in his truck by the side of the road again.

      I’m pretty sure he’s homeless. He lives in that old Ford F-150. I think it’s all that he owns know. That truck and the little job or companionship he finds at that garage.

    • I want to say directly what inspired me to write that, apart from the location that I photographed, but it would betray a privacy that I am sworn to secure. You’re right, of course. It’s definitely daunting.

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