Weekly Photo Challenge

A Portrait of Hope

Meet hope.
She has eyes for you, and purrs when all is well.
She’s cute, warm, affectionate, cuddly and just what everybody needs.
The world is definitely a better place because Hope is in it.

Hope can be your best friend when
You have a goal or
When you are caught
Between a rock and a hard place.

Be mindful;
Hope is too good at climbing.
She has a way of rising to heights
That make coming back down extremely difficult.

Once you have Hope; however,
Never let her wander off for anything,
And she will faithfully be
A crucial part your plan to deal with life’s challenges.


17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge

    • I thought this week’s challenge was indeed quite challenging. I decided to approach the theme through allegory, and then I remembered the cat who just happened to have the same name.

  1. Hope reminds me of my cat Felix who got lost and is probably off somewhere in Rainbow Bridge…the resemblance is awesome!

    I still miss my Felix even if I have my Golden Retriever Jack, who loves cats, too.

    Take good care of him….


    • Hope was adopted. One of her legs was broken and uanble to be repaired. My brother and sister-in-law took her, preventing her from being euthanized. Now she’s loved and doing fine.

  2. Wow – when this photo loaded – it was like looking straight into the eyes of my cat Sammie! Just gorgeous. Sammie is my little sweet heart and a rayon on hope in my household! Gorgeous!

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