Weekly Photo Challenge: “Down”

canadian hamilton ontario skyline street urban photography

Everything’s Waiting for You

An aeriel skyline shot of Hamilton; “The Hammer”, and yes the title is a line borrowed from Petula Clark. It suits the “rep” of this particular place. It wouldn’t be me to hear the word “down” and not think of downtown.

Regardless of municipality or where on the planet it is, a downtown is a microcosm of the nation it’s in. If you want to know the social, political, economic or whatever else stature of an entire country—whether the aspect is positive or negative, just take a close look at the urban core of a city within. It reveals all like a magic crystal ball.


24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “Down”

  1. LOL , as soon as I looked at the photo, I thought of the song “Downtown”, then I ready what you had to say. Looks like we are on the same page. ;).

    Here let me help you out.

  2. Your cityis so bright! Our island is dark at night. I didn’t know about halibut and shrimp but it makes sense, halibut are bottom dwellers and shrimp swim near the surface. I love the starfish too. I tend to clutter and deeply appreciate simple decorating. Thanks for your comments, hope you get your fish n’ chips.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I make a point of visiting anyone who likes or leaves a comment on mine.

    This image is beautifully done! Glad I took the time to pay you a visit!

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