Weekly Photo Challenge: “Indulge”

Thanks But No Thanks

I had to indulge in reading this storefront ad in Dundas, Ontario.

I don’t know if the owner of this vitamin shop was deliberately being sarcastic or if their seemingly cynical way of drawing in customers was totally inadvertent. In either case, I thought it was an amusing means of reminding me to curb my enthusiasm.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “Indulge”

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    • Extremely erotic, Cardinal (certainly direct in the interpretation of “indulge”).

      You describe yourself as an “amateur painter”. Would I be correct in thinking that you would have preferred a more realist appearance than a somewhat impressionist one? If so, I recommend the underpainting method. I use it mostly when I oil paint. See if it works for you.

      • Thanks themofman. Yes you’re right; I prefer realism in oil paintings. Unfortunately I don’t have the skills needed to produce the results I want. I used to paint quite often, but at the time I had a full-time job backpacking and/or just doing nothing – which means I had plenty of time.
        To master the art of painting (as everything else) all one needs is training, training, training & repeating. It’s too time consuming for me at this point (my precious time is being spent at an office), but if I someday pick up my paint brush again, I will try out the underpainting method.

        • I totally understand. Do whatever you have to do. Return to painting later if necessary, just don’t give up on it totally. Don’t let the other aspects of your life permanently take you away from creative expression. Find a way to make the appreciation and making of art a foreground part of your life; it’s already within you naturally, bursting to come out.

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