Attitude Adjustment Needed

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For whatever its worth, I have to rant about this!

A photography store called me up to let me know that the background kit I ordered was in. When I got there, I met the sales rep I placed my order with; I’ll call him Joe, and proceeded to pay for the equipment.

Joe was an apparently older and extremely personable man. As I hadn’t seen him at the store before, I got the feeling that he was new there. More than that, he had to ask for help from three of his much younger coworkers; seemingly twenty-somethings, in order to process the sale on a register that operated on totally modern computer software. It certainly didn’t help that I had submitted two long-held gift cards for him to figure out how to redeem.

Joe’s coworkers; two guys and a girl, were clearly impatient with him for asking for their help. The girl even rolled her eyes and shook her head. At best, that was unprofessional conduct. At worst, it was rude and obnoxious. I understand that because they weren’t handling the sale they weren’t likely to see a dime from it. I totally get that but for crying out loud, there is still such a thing as teamwork. Do you remember that, teamwork? It’s not a dirty word! Running through my mind was that could be me someday; older, a bit out of touch and having to depend on the mercy of a younger generation that, frankly, could give a rat’s ass about whether I could make good or not. I’m not looking forward to such prospects.

We’re living in tough times, and there are many people who have barely recovered from the global recession that kicked off back in 2008. Purely as a guess, Joe might have been one of the local steel workers who never got his old fifteen or more-year old job back, and because he knows plenty about photography and the photography biz, he was finally able to land this gig only because someone else may have happened to move away or go back to school fulltime. A bit computer illiterate due to going years without having to deal with new systems and software probably has left his lack of real on-the-job training feeling more like a baptism of fire. All he did was politely ask for just a little help. Yes, he received it but not without being treated like an imbecile.

I afforded him my total and complete patience, and he endured. I honestly don’t usually shake the hands of sales people at stores who are all too happy to lighten my wallet but did shake Joe’s just before I picked up my parcel and left. It wasn’t much. It was all I could do for him at that time. I just wanted to let him know in a subtle, non-embarrassing way that I am rooting for him.

People reading this; young and old, if there’s anything that I can hope that you take from this post it’s that life is too short and the world is too small to go on without caring for your neighbour. Have a heart! Please!


4 thoughts on “Attitude Adjustment Needed

  1. This is a great post and photo! My grandmother always said that a little respect, kindness and patients can make someone’s whole day brighter or maybe even change their life… so make it a habit to show each of these every day.

  2. I think compassion is they word you’re looking for here. And you are right, we all need to show each other compassion AND respect. Though many times, computer illiterate, there are things the older folks could teach the younger generation, assuming they don’t know it all already. Not to be derogatory towards today’s youth, but I dare say ,if you handed the majority of them a row of three digit numbers and asked the to add them together manually, a good percentage would not be able to do it. Computers, calculators, etc, might come in handy, but it’s good to know how to think for yourself when the batteries die. One day Joe might just turn out to be the store hero. Good story, great points.

  3. This is a great post and very true about today’s society. It is even astonshing how people treat their parents nowadays. Respect and compassion, that is what young people need to be taught.

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