Weekly Photo Challenge: “Unusual”

Bridge from Nowhere

My wife and I drove around Hamilton on a fairly clear and sunny day. Heading northwest along Eastport Dr., a thick patch of fog moved eastward, slowly eating up the James N. Allan Skyway Bridge.

Seeing this awesomely eerie phenomenon invoked three feelings in me. The first was that I was looking at a modern day bridge between Heaven and Earth–a Jacob’s Ladder if you will, the second was thoughts of reciting the Lord’s Prayer, and the third was an impression of leaving a time of uncertainty in life and finally finding a path to travel on that is more likely to lead to brighter days.

Every time I look at this image, I am still inspired by the Biblical connotations but not as strongly as the latter. This is really something to me because I have always consciously regarded myself as someone who knows where I am from, and exactly where it is I intend to go, although not always sure about how to get there.

Originally shot in colour while envisioning it more as a black and white image, I converted it to a blue-green duotone in order to contend with its overbearing but limited range of grays. The spot colour brings out the ghostliness of the scene and creates greater impact of the concept of finding one’s way.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “Unusual”

  1. The blue-green tone definitely enhances the sense of eeriness. I like the stark contrast between the disappearing bridge and the black silhouette of the shrub in the foreground.

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