MOF on the Hamilton Arts Council Blog

Mare Tranquillitatis

I would like to express my gratitude for being made the first of many member profiles to be posted on the blog of the Hamilton Arts Council. I truly feel honored. Written by Executive Director Stephanie Vegh, I hope that you’ll take a look:

I am about to finish my second year of membership with the HAC (formerly Arts Hamilton), and I am about to start my third. I look forward to networking with other member artists, and accomplishing so much more with the HAC over the next twelve months. The HAC will continue to be an important part of MOF’s growth.

Whether you’re a Hamiltonian or not, you can view the HAC’s main site and blog any time through my blog roll. Just click the links under the “Commercial Arts Advisories” subcategory.


13 thoughts on “MOF on the Hamilton Arts Council Blog

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! So well deserved. I love your work from what I’ve seen. I like the three pieces: Inferior Conjunction, The Machine and especially George Street. Thank you so much for sharing. Wishing you much success in everything you put your hand to.


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