Weekly Photo Challenge: “Two Subjects”

Warmth When It’s Cold

This was actually one of my do-overs. The first time I shot this statue was in late January 2009. I think I did okay with that one in portrait orientation but was never really satisfied.

I like emphasis of shadows, shades, inky blacks and high contrast in my B/W work. It always elicits powerful emotion.

I went back and shot it again in late January of this year. In this field orientation, I was able to fit more of the beautifully ornate old church architecture in the background. I post-processed the image far better this time in order to achieve the effect I always wanted. One that I think conveys an essence of strength through dark isolation. Despite keeping the background dark, I feel that those details are crucial to creating the nuance of this image.


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “Two Subjects”

  1. Wonderfully done. I like how this photo was post-processed. I do agree by darkening the background. I think it allows the visual focus to be on the subject and then flow to the background detail. Great work!

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