Weekly Photo Challenge: “Together”

Don’t Let Go

One of my favourite visual art styles are images in which whatever is going on in the background is the actually the main focus or is nearly the main focus. That’s where the story is. Painter Jacek Malczewski was a master of this. If you look at Ralph McQuarrie’s concept art for the first three Star Wars films, you’ll see that he applied this repeatedly and equally masterfully in his illustrations. Those creations actually became many of the shots that Lucas and Kasdan brought to life on the big screen.

I probably try to achieve this, the most, in my street photography and I find it so difficult to pull off. When I am able to get reasonably close, the slice of life that is revealed can be the most life affirming.

When she could no longer bare the weight of her armour she said to me,
          “Don’t let go.”
When I saw she had been weakened, I stalled her return to the battlefront and told her,
          “Don’t let go.”
I had my own miserable duties to carry out but she bade me respite and commanded,
          “Don’t let go.”
A wounded and dying bishop saw us there, and cried out in the name of heaven,
          “Don’t let go!”
So, amidst the clash of pawns, rooks and knights we embraced and said to each other,
          “Don’t let go.”

Please, don’t ever let go.


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