Weekly Photo Challenge: “Unfocused”

Sunny Lane

It was just growing wild and beautiful by the side of the elevated tracks for the GO train, and seemingly overlooking Grange and Ford Streets of Hamilton’s Corktown neighbourhood. This place where two roads meet seemed to be the brightest spot on the Earth.


23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “Unfocused”

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    • I was actually in the area doing street photography again and I saw an opportunity to deliberately make a composition that included the man walking his dog.

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    • Thank you so much! I rarely try to market my street photography because it’s really only a very small number of people who would actually use it to decorate their homes or workplaces, even though many will look at in in books, on the net or even practice the art themselves.


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    • Thanks.

      Like most street photographers, I mainly use a wide angle lens but when I saw the man coming with his dog, I thought to include a literal human presence in this Corktown image by keeping the figures blurred by applying a shallow Depth of Field. I hastily switched from a 28-80mm lense to a 70-300mm that did the trick.

      The man’s jacket and dog were actually brighter than the yellow of the sunflower so I post-processed the image to make that flower stand out much more.

      This photo is very representative of a pleasant day in Corktown.

    • Thank you, Francine!

      I enjoy following your blog too. Thank you so much for being an artist, and promoting the arts. Unfortunately there are still too many, even artistic people, who relegate creative expression as something to not take seriously. They don’t realize that it is in fact fundamental to everyone, and our advancement.

      These days I have a lot on my plate. I will make posts on the awards over the next while.

  5. Lovely photo. I love the composition. The blurred effect adds additional interest to the subject in the background without taking away from your main attraction in the foreground. Well done as always!

    • Thank you. I enjoy following your blog also. I like the honesty of your your images. Something moves you, so you take the shot to convey the scene as it has moved you. People like you inspire me to keep going with my work.

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