Weekly Photo Challenge: “Close”

Walking & Talking Like Angels

I’d never recommend trying to shove love down anyone’s throat. In fact, it can’t be done. I am, nevertheless, all for creatively and healthily promoting it anywhere, anytime. I don’t care how corny it may seem to others.

When I saw this couple strolling through Hamilton’s Strathcona neighbourhood with their arms wrapped around each other, the song “Walk and Talk Like Angels” by Toni Childs, with all of its romantic and spiritual imagery, came instantly to mind. I had to be really quick about composing this shot too because I was on the city bus and just happened to look up and see the pair as the vehicle hastily approached them from behind. I snapped the almost fleeting image as the bus flew by them. It was also neat to make an image like this as a work of street photography as opposed to the crisp and carefully planned wedding and engagement photography that I do.

I knew that I needed to make this shot because the couple was exhibiting such a descent, ultra simple and underappreciated public display of affection, and I wanted to show off what they were doing. I think it’s important to encourage love in this world because love is one of those things that a lot of people are still finding it hard to get right. I’d really like to convince myself that everybody instinctively knows how to show love but truth be known, the world is full of people who really haven’t got a clue.

It doesn’t have to be a romantic love either. It could be plutonic, as in for a friend or family member. Even such affections are beyond the comprehension and expressiveness of many. Even worse, there are those who fully understand what it is to love and be loved but they simply don’t partake in it because they just don’t value love. To them, it’s a most non-lucrative human weakness or insanity to be inappropriately exploited, ridiculed, ignored or eradicated. They’ll argue against the points that loving and being loved are two of the best qualities and experiences of the human condition, if not the best.

“Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives.”

–C. S. Lewis


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “Close”

  1. Thanks for this, as you put it, decent PDA. Encouraging that is a great goal,and surely fits the challenge: close.
    Thanks for stopping by my place and for your eye-opeining comment. I cannot explain where my post went, but I rewrote it and it is quite visible, now, shoudl you desire to look at it. 😉

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