MOF in the Garden

Fiddlehead Fern

Just a brief announcement; my illustrations and fine art photography prints will be showing at N2N’s Art in the Garden outdoor art show. I hope to see you all there. Here’s their official press release:

Art in the Garden at Neighbour to Neighbour Centre

Neighbour to Neighbour Centre, located at 28 Athens Street on Hamilton Mountain, welcomes neighbours and friends to Art in the Garden, Sunday June 24th from noon to 4:00pm. Responding to The Spectator’s call for 100 open gardens for OGWXX, the 20th Annual Open Garden Week, Sara Collyer, Operations Manager at the Centre, jumped on board to rally local artists and musicians to showcase at their Community Garden located at the Centre’s head office. According to Ron Howard of the Spec, Open Garden Week is a celebration of gardens and their creators in the Hamilton, Burlington, Niagara, Haldimand, Norfolk and Brant areas. “It’s not just about the gardens. It’s about being a part of the community of local gardeners”.

Open Garden Week began in 1992 as a national effort by a gardening magazine. The concept died elsewhere and became the Hamilton Spectator Open Garden Week in 1995. It has thrived here since.

This is what Neighbour to Neighbour Centre has in store:

Local artists John Black, Selina Buesink, Pam Low, Kirsten de Waard, Kevin Mackay, Timothy de Vries, Jenn Maguire and Allan D. Hamilton will display their work while musicians Matthew de Zoete, Shelley Adams, Shane & Jeremy, Jordon Fox and Mark Raymond will play for visitors.
“It’s a chance to meet the neighbours you haven’t met yet”, says Collyer. “Response to the Centre’s call for participants has been very enthusiastic. We even have a free yoga class being offered at 1:00 pm”.

Since 1986 the Centre’s Community Food Access programs have fed over 18,000 Hamilton Mountain families. The Community Garden program was implemented two years ago to provide healthy, culturally appropriate fresh fruits and vegetables while ensuring that their clients have access to growing their own food.

Initially functioning as a food bank for Hamilton Mountain residents, Neighbour to Neighbour Centre expanded their services and programs in response to the needs of their clients. Today, their Food Access Program assists over 1,100 families each month; their Kids Can Succeed Tutoring Program helps over 200 school-aged children improve their reading skills, and their Resource Counseling Program provides housing support, advice on settlement and employment issues, health, education and advocacy.

For more information about Neighbour to Neighbour Centre and Art in the Garden please call 905-574-1334.

Neighbour to Neighbour Centre, 28 Athens Street, Hamilton, ON L9C 3K9 905-574-1334


8 thoughts on “MOF in the Garden

  1. The unfolding of new ferns is so amazing. I took a set of 3 pics some time ago of different stages of unravelledness. I do love this ‘Fiddlehead’!

    • Ny wife and I just came back from it.

      I must say that sales were in the breeze today (for me and all the other participating artists) but the up side was that I had a chance to meet and network with other local artists. I LOVE THAT! I also got to spread my name around approximately 30 visitors.

      I observed the following hindrances to this event:

      1) N2N is located on an unpopular residential side street that terminates in a cul-de sac.

      2) The city has severely torn up the nearest major adjoining road for several blocks in order to replace outdated timber phone poles for newer pressurized ceramic ones, and other infrastructure; this makes local traffic in the area very difficult.

      3) Advertising was minimal (always a challenge for any art associated gig).

      4) The local weather for this outdoor event wasn’t poor but just okay (moderate temperature but humid with sporadic light rainfall).

      5) All motorvehicle traffic on James Street North (our version of Soho and Greenwich Village) was eliminated for nearly the exact same hours as N2N’s event in order to host a bigger art-related event called “Open Streets Sunday”, and the annual “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event in which men litterally walk a mile in women’s red high-heels to raise money for women’s homeless shelters.

      The upside was that this was the second time that N2N did this and they had more participating artists than last year, and probably around 100 visitors where they had approximately 20 last year.

      These things have to grow. I’m encouraging them to do it again. I’m certainly interested.

      I took pictures, of course. I will post some on the MOF Facebook community page, and donate them to N2N.

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