Flying Low 2012/II Wrap Up

So far, the long weekend has been extremely busy. It’s amazing that Kim and I were able to pull the Flying Low 2012/II Art and Garage Sale off at all. It’s amazing that I can finf time to squeeze in this little post about it.

What about it? Well, I have to say that we had a huge drop in activity and sales this time around. I can’t say that we we’re blindsided. We knew that the results were going to be poor for all of the following reasons:

  1. We selected a date that was so close to Canada Day, so far bigger festivities would have easily attracted most of the remaining citizens who hadn’t already left town for the long weekend (we really had no choice but to set the date of June 30 despite our misgivings).
  2. No other participants signed up for this event; it was just me and Kim.
  3. We used less advertising for this event than for May’s.

So, if we knew that this would not be anywhere as successful as last month’s Flying Low, why on earth did we hold this one?

  1. We already advertised that we were going ahead with this one, even if no one else was committed.
  2. It didn’t cost us a thing except 5 hours of our time to put this one on.
  3. It’s not the first time I’ve experienced a downturn; I’ve never been one to give up on things and people easily. We had to try.

Even though we didn’t make nearly as much money as the May sale, we still made some financial profit, and were visited by approximately 50 visitors.

Keep watching, as we’ll figure out and announce the date of the next Flying Low.


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