Flying Low 2012/III

Daydreaming in McCassa Bay

Calling All Visual Artists in Hamilton & Art Collectors Everywhere!

2012’s third Flying Low Art Sale will be on Saturday July 28, 8:00am – 1:00pm.

If you’re looking to buy art, find great art deals or meet Hamilton artists, find your way to 16 Hester Street, Hamilton, ON.

If you’re a visual artist within or around the City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and you would like to join us, and promote yourself in it please call Allan or Kim at (905) 523-1839.

As a participant, you will be required to:

  • Use Flying Low events as a means to unify and associate with other visual artists for the advancement of your art, merchandise and services;
  • Publicly show your support for the endeavors of local artists;
  • Participate optimistically and enthusiastically in any sales event that you will participate in;
  • Help promote any sales event that you will participate in;
  • Promote a sales event in a manner that is acceptable to Modes of Flight and Kim Hamilton Consignments;
  • Be available to personally and directly interact with all potential art collectors;
  • Promote your own name, brand and identity;
  • Promote and offer for sale, the best visual art and merchandise that you have created using your own creative talents;
  • Establish prices for your own artwork and merchandise;
  • Always be willing to educate the public on the importance of art in their daily lives; and
  • Always exercise your best customer service skills with all actual and potential art collectors.

You will NOT be required to:

  • Adopt or be subject to the brands, names or identities of Modes of Flight or Kim Hamilton Consignments;
  • Participate in every Flying Low Sales event that is held in a season; participation will be strictly agreed upon on an event-by-event basis;
  • Pay to use the designated physical portion of property provided by Modes of Flight and Kim Hamilton Consignments for promoting yourself and selling art and merchandise during a Flying Low Sales event; or
  • Share any of your sale profits with any other participant, including Modes of Flight and Kim Hamilton Consignments; not a penny!

You can contact me at for more information about this non-juried exhibit. Ensure that you put the words “Flying Low Participation – July” in the subject line of your e-mail.

Watch for more posts about Flying Low on this blog, and the MOF Community Page on Facebook.

Print the coupons below to use toward your visual art purchase at the upcoming Flying Low Art Sale.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!


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