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Stand Tall

“What are you up to . . . these days?” I’ve been asked a few times of late. Those closest to me are wondering if I paint and draw anymore because whenever they see me I’m clutching a camera.

Yes, I’m still an illustrator but truthfully I’ve been doing so little of it in recent years because the whole world has gone photography mad. From weddings to making DMP’s, shooting has been in very high demand for quite some time now, and the pundits are saying that there doesn’t appear to be any sign of letting up.

A considerable part of the photomania is supposedly fuelled by society’s obsession with gadgets, and I can see that being likely. People will camp outside stores to be some of the first to spend $600.00 to $800.00 for the latest I-This or I-That, only to do it all again 6 to 8 months later for the next generation gizmo or a rival corporation’s equivalent. It could very well be that many are trading in the brand spankin’ new $900.00 DSLR’s they bought last year for this year’s updated $1200.00 models. It’s fanatical.

Don’t worry, I have some old and new ideas rolling around my head that I can’t wait to find time to express with good old fashioned oil paint, graphite and India ink; even some digital illustrations to do.

I haven’t entered a photography competition since 2010; however, and it’s time for me to whet my claws. To paraphrase Springsteen, “They say ya gotta stay hungry . . .” It’s also part of my 2012 New Year’s Resolution; yeah, you remember what that is!

I have entered the 2012 One Life International Photography Contest with 20 images. Some that others have seen, and some that are new to many. I hope that you click the hyperlink and go see my new See Me portfolio at If you do, I hope that you also become one of my collectors by clicking the “Collect Me” button at the top right of your screen.

If you enter the contest yourself, let me know so that I can become your collector.


6 thoughts on “TheMOFMan on One Life

  1. Nice photos in your portfolio.
    How does the “2012 One Life International Photography Contest” work? Is it another one of those coutless “pay us some dollar and then you are lucky enough to participate in our competition”?

    I don’t illustarte things that often anymore either. There’s just not enough hours in a day to fit everything…

    • The contest is pretty much that way. That’s a reason why I haven’t competed in one for a while. So many of them operate that way. The worse ones are those that try to take your rights to your photos so that they AND their affiliated sponsors can use them for whatever advertising or other gimmick they want.

      There just aren’t enough of the free entry, non-rights stealing competions anymore that offer satifactory prizes and odds.

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