Weekly Photo Challenge: “Growth”

Guiding Me Along

The latest challenge from WordPress pushes me to be a little more introspective than usual. That’s a good thing, by the way. The leading reason I started participating in these challenges; any photography competition really, is so that I could grow by testing myself to see if I’m making shots that matter. Images that don’t just have an impact on me but also mean something to others, as the work of others continue to inspire me.

I am the sum of my experiences through life since childhood; the most informative years in anyone’s lifetime of learning. From God, family members and everyone else who held my hand and taught me things that I could use to advance myself in productive ways, to the positive and negative circumstances that I have walked away from.  Circumstances that motivated me to decide just what kind of man I intend to be, and not be.

We are all individuals. It is illogical to judge someone else’s life by another’s shoes but this dynamic of how we grow is the same for each of us.

This is my attempt to quickly sum all of that up in this one picture.


15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “Growth”

  1. I like the shot – the light is very nice.
    Do you have kids yourself?
    I cheated a bit for the weekly photo challenge this week and came up with a post that’s more verbally than photographic.

    • I had to react very quickly to make use of the fleeting natural rim lighting created by the sun.

      We love children, and have nieces and nephews that we spoil but Kim and I don’t have kids of our own.

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