Weekly Photo Challenge: “Wrong”


Well, I am not a “fashionista” BUT I am real tired of facing this long overstayed trend of guys walking around with their pants worn so low that their nasty drawers are exposed to the world! It’s worse than wearing socks and sandals, and that too is pretty high on my list of fashion faux pas.



10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “Wrong”

  1. You and me both… I’m over it and should have captured a nasty one I saw this week; pants practically on the floor and underwear shouting… Yikes! 😆

  2. Its my comment to all of my children’s friends when they visit the house. Pull up your trousers or don’t come in. Nothing worse than seeing your undies on show. As for the sandles & socks, i’d rather have that than the pants on show!!

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