Shamelessly Plugging

Finger of God

I just want to take a little time to introduce Aaron Offord. He’s plugged the MOF blog today, so I’m plugging him back. Actually, I’ve plugged him before in posts where I had to nominate others for blog awards. Additionally, two of his sites have been in my blogroll since the start of 2012. You can get to streetogrOFFY under the “Photography” subcategory, and Aaron Outward under “Respected Writers”.

In his latest post on the latter blog, Aaron briefly explains our connection. I won’t repeat it here. I’m encouraging you to click the hyperlink and go see his post.

While you’re there, spend some time reading other posts in his blog. Start with the “About” page. There is a beating heart to this artist. Blood courses through his veins and unquestionably a soul that can enlighten anyone who pays close attention. Learn how this particular artist experiences and sees life in his own very special way. Certainly try to compare your existence to his. See what’s the same between your life and his from what’s different, and see how his being affects his thinking and how he expresses himself not just through his words but through his photography.

Earlier this year when I contacted Urbex photographer Kevin Valencourt to interview him for “The Unrepentant Flâneur’s Guide to Street Photography Part 2”, he straight up asked me why I hadn’t contacted another artist from Hamilton. I advised him that I had two Hamiltonians in mind for future posts in the series but I wouldn’t tell him who they were; just in case he knew them and would give them a heads up when I wasn’t ready. Aaron is one of those photographers, and I’ve been getting ready to call on him quite soon. In fact, I’m hoping to interview him at least twice. So, Aaron, if you’re reading this I hope you’re up to it ‘cause I’ll be calling on you before you know it.

By the way, Part 7 of the aforementioned series is nearly ready. The original deadline for posting it is Thursday August 16 but seeing as a shooting excursion has come up that day, I may move the post up one day early.


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