Weekly Photo Challenge: “Near and Far”

Keeping Pace

It’s been a couple weeks since I participated in one of these challenges. I shot this one today in one of my familiar haunts. Other than a sense of depth perspective – while using a wide angle lens, I was also looking for a situation that conveyed rhythm.

Title and all, this image is a remark on contemporary society. It’s a depiction of something that so many of us are always trying to do. For not being late, for acquiring and sustaining respect, for survival we nearly kill ourselves in an effort to at least keep up.


19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “Near and Far”

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    • I seldom do close up portraits in my street photography. When I do, it can’t be an ambush and it can’t result in expressions of terror on the faces of those I photograph. I’m not out to freak people out. Most of my shots are from a ways back so that I can observe and record body posture and language in a composition. How we move, sit and stand can speak volumes.

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