Flying Low 2012/IV Wrap Up


The very last Flying Low of 2012 is officially done. What an experience!

Due to constant calls for rain prior to the original event date of Saturday September 22, we set a rain date for Saturday September 29. The morning of the 22nd, there was rain up to 6:30AM so we opted for the rain date. BIG MISTAKE! I spent the rest of the day complaining that there was no more rain after 6:30AM because I really dislike using rain dates. I prefer to hold an event on the originally scheduled day, especially after sinking enough time, energy and money into advertising for it and getting people interested (which isn’t easy).

So, how did the last sale of 2012 go on the rain date? The weather was great. Despite the oppressive heat and humidity that dominated the summer, we were lucky to have moderate conditions on each of the first three sales; even though a couple of those sales were heavily burdened by high winds and destructive downbursts. The weather for this year’s final event was a bit on the cool side for us being not so agile for so many hours but it wasn’t anything that a good sweater or windbreaker couldn’t take care of. We were prepared for it. The sun shined all day long and only a gentle breeze was at play, so there was absolutely no fear of anything being blown away or over. Several customers even commented to us that we “picked a perfect day” for the event.

Unfortunately, using the rain date cost us participants. I was the only artist present but we still had Trish and Marilyn involved with selling non-artistic merchandize. I do need; nevertheless, to thank everyone in Hamilton and around the world who kept wishing us good luck on pending events because it seems to have helped in every sale.

While the first event back in May goes down as the best Flying Low of 2012, the last sale is the second best in terms of overall execution, visitors and sales.

For art sales, I usually move mostly mid to large size photographic prints, and some in the 8×12” and smaller range. This time I sold some mid-size pieces and absolutely all of my 8×12” prints; five of them going to a single collector.

If you want a recap of the first three events, see here:

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So, what’s next for Flying Low? As was the case in the autumn of 2011, the first order of business will be to draft the MOF Flying Low Art Sale Marketing Plan for 2013. We have a wealth of knowledge to put into the new draft that will help to streamline our approach. There are some ideas that Kim and I are playing with that are bound to have a critical impact on future Flying Low events but we’re not about to reveal those details to too many others as yet. In any case, stay tuned for more posts regarding Flying Low.


8 thoughts on “Flying Low 2012/IV Wrap Up

  1. Ahihihi! If I was organizing with you, I would’ve insisted that you follow the schedule. 😀 But I guess, you can never really tell.

    Anywho, Congratulation. Best Wishes for the upcoming sales.

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