They’re Baaaaaaack!

There’s Just Something about Her

I went downtown today, and barely came away with my life. I don’t know if it’s a spell, a virus or a government experiment gone wrong . . . the streets had been taken over by FLESH-EATIN’ ZOMBIES!

I’m tellin’ you, it was a ZOMBIE WALK!


10 thoughts on “They’re Baaaaaaack!

    • Aaron Offord ( ) is a local photographer who told me about the walk date.

      My wife thought it would be cancelled too, and I couldn’t find any cancellation or postponment notices in the morning. I decided to go anyway. Even if it was called off, the excursion would have been an excuse to do some other street and urban photography, and I did do some after the walk.

    • I did have a good time. Some of the walkers got into their parts staggering, grunting, groaning and clawing their way down the streets. It was a concert. The group that put it on collected canned goods for local food shelters ( ); always a good thing. It’s impressive that this has become a worldwide annual tradition.

      More Zombie Walk shots to come.

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