Walking Stiff


More from the ZOMBIE WALK!


8 thoughts on “Walking Stiff

  1. Aaron Offord (see blogroll under Photography and Respected Wrtiers subcategories) contacted me through the MOF Facebook page to advise me about the zombie walk that was going to happen in Hamilton. I jumped at it.

    When people usually photograph zombie walks, the images tend to be pretty generic snapshots of people parading along in costume. The pictures are largely photojournalistic, illustrating that this event took place on X-day. There’s nothing wrong with that but I just wanted to push creative photography on an occasion like this in a new direction.

    As paraders can go all out in make up, and enjoy getting into character, I wanted to capture that enthusiasm specifically by focussing on them during the moments that they were briefly acting out in the streets. I wanted them to look like characters in horror films; that’s what they were mimicing after all, all the gory, freaky and zany characters they’ve ever seen in popular media. The end result was these zombie street portraits.

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