Weekly Photo Challenge: “Changing Seasons”

Autumn Glory

Autumn Glory

Stubborn! I’m not yet ready for winter! I won’t go quietly! You’ll just have to drag me kicking and screaming into the snow and ice!


41 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “Changing Seasons”

  1. Autumn does it on purpose. It’s that reminder to – wait! Contemplate. Soon it will go to rest. The beauty is heightened at the end for those of us that are slow to appreciate it all along…

    It’s always there.

    – is that succor or torture?

  2. Oh Allan, I so understand you .. I wasn’t ready either for the first one meter snow that has fallen here within a few hours :(. The real artist appreciates Autumn and your photos vouch for that!

  3. Wonderful fall image, but now that the leaves are gone, bring on the snow!!! I have many hikes into the mountains and photographs to make this winter and every one of them requires plenty of that wonderful white stuff!

  4. Omigod! Simple but highly impressive!!! You never seize to amaze even from a simple photo. Truly Unbelievable, Allan! I love how winter beautifies the surroundings with snow. But I hate winter and cold!

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