Weekly Photo Challenge: “Delicate”



Tenderness is a term used in any area of studying plant life to describe the inability of certain plants to survive freezing temperatures. Those that can are of course said to exhibit degrees of hardiness.
I’m really not much for flowers; I prefer trees, and I typically refuse to associate human behaviour with the natural peculiarities of plant and lesser animal life. I can’t help; however, drawing parallels between tender roses in autumn and winter gardens, and gentle souls who find themselves in cold, harsh environments.
To the people of Newtown, Connecticut; hello from Hamilton.

27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “Delicate”

    • I fear that Christmas will forever be severely tarnished for these families. I want to say or do something to ease their pain; even more, reverse their loss, but of course I am powerless.

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    • Very much appreciated, Michael.

      It’s a pink rose; stunningly beautiful in colour but most people render beautiful, colourful flowers in colour. I deliberately composed the shot in high contrast sunlight with a distant dark background so that I could convert the image to this standard B/W.

      In post-prod I further pushed the negative spaces and shadows to increase contrast and make the black portions as opaque as India ink.

      The flower is delicate, tender, but the image is meant to be strong.

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