MOF Gets a 2012 Blog of the Year

Snowy Borer's Creek

Snowy Borer’s Creek

I guess it’s my turn to receive one of these. Thank you to Space for lasam for thinking that MOF deserves this version of the 2012 Blog of the Year Award:

The 2012 BOTYA

The 2012 BOTYA

In accepting this award, I select the following 5 blogs that I think also deserve it, and let those bloggers know:

  1. Tuva Winslow Photography – an amazing body of work.
  2. Mutuamatheka
  3. My Blog
  4. worthypic
  5. Steven Tze Photography

As a winner of the award, I proudly display it on this blog (I won’t put it in my sidebar even though the acceptance rules say I should), and I collect stars:

The BOTYA Stars

The BOTYA Stars

Apparently, unlike other awards that circle through the blogospere, I get to collect stars in addition to the award but I am only allowed to add them to this blog once.

It’s supposed to be that when starting off, a nominee is to receive one star, and every time a blogger is nominated by this award by another blog, the recipient gets to add another star.

I guess it’s because this blog has received 7 other awards to date is why I’m able to immediately pick up these 6 stars upon receiving this specific award from Space for lasam for the first time.

For more information check the FAQ on The Thought Palette.

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24 thoughts on “MOF Gets a 2012 Blog of the Year

  1. congratulations on the award, and I wanted to tell you that I have finally taken a comment you made last year, to fight to practice my (photography) art more seriously and have ordered a camera and lenses and am out, practicing most days. thank you

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