MOF Gets another OLBA

From on High

From on High

It’s about time I got around to this . . .

Thank you Emi Valdarquis of Screwiness-O-Rama as quite a while ago he nominated MOF for the One Lovely Blog Award (Emi has already scrubbed the actual page on his own blog in which he nominated me, that’s how long it has been).



Apart from his incredible photo blog, Emi also has one of the best and most affable Street Photography community pages on Facebook called Group SP/12. If you’re a street photographer’ pro, novice or experienced amateur, join the group and contribute. Otherwise, certainly show up from time-to-time to see the work that everybody’s doing. Those who merely admire the craft, and find inspiration from the output of this photographic art are always welcome.

Here are the acceptance rules for this award:

Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post (and put in the logo);

Done, with great pleasure.

Share seven things about yourself;

  1. I still like the name of this award.
  2. I still like the design of this award.
  3. I’d still like to know just how many of these awards are actually circling around the blogosphere.
  4. I still don’t know who created this award.
  5. I’d still like to know who created this award.
  6. If I could find out, I’d still nominate them for an award; maybe more.
  7. I’ve run out of things to say, again.

Nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire;

Okay, this time I’ll go the full 15, although I still think that’s a bit much. Call on them all at your leisure. They do make for impressive reading and viewing.

  1. Flickr Comments
  2. Russel Ray Photos
  3. Lily Petal
  4. Talinorfali
  5. Village Photographer
  6. Ruslan Golenkov Photography
  7. Hoof Beats & Foot Prints
  8. The eternal solitude of the restless Mind
  9. Sarah Irving Photography
  10. Fragments
  11. for the love of Nike
  12. A Word in Your Ear
  14. 87004 Photography
  15. gimletsand film

Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know.

Yeah . . . right!

Seeing as how these are all WordPress blogs, I’m going to let the pingbacks from the imbedded hyperlinks automatically do that bit of work for me.


10 thoughts on “MOF Gets another OLBA

  1. Hi, I’m really sorry for deleting the nomination post from my blog, but I swear it was just by accident (weird story…) 🙂 Then I was lazy to re-write it… Anyway, I apologize and I do confirm the nomination 😉 This is to me one of the most engaging artistic blogs in the blogosphere!! Cheers!

  2. Congratulations!. I am not one to nominate, or accept, but completely agree you have a lovely, and even better, interesting blog. I have thought so for quite a while now. Thank you for including me in your list, that is certain validation. Since I clicked on all your links, I now have more blogs to follow.

    • Every now and then I revert back to my roots in cloud photography. There’s something about the sky, heights and flight that Ive always been very drawn to.

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