Artist Notice of Inquiry

Have Guitar Will Travel

Have Guitar Will Travel

This post is specifically directed toward the members of Hamilton Artists Inc., and other artists who are joining the HAI and may read this.

I am a new member to HAI, joining just in late November 2012 before their seasonal hiatus; therefore, I have yet to get acquainted with other members. As the HAI has recently announced their request for submissions for their 2014 James Street North Show, I’m hoping to submit an exhibition proposal. Unfortunately for this lone wolf, HAI has stipulated that “there will only be 2 person or group shows in 2014”; mum did say that “no man is an island”.

So, I’m looking to submit to the artists call with one or more other members or prospective members. This is my ambitious and creative means of doing so.

If you’ve surfed through this blog, the Hammer Home Project blogs, MOF’s main website or Facebook Fan Page (scroll through the blog roll) and you’re interested in sharing exhibition space and time with me, please don’t be shy, contact me and say, “Hi!” and let’s get our heads together on this.

We’re going to have to work fast as HAI reminds us that exhibition space is limited. We had better submit soon.

I hope to hear from you!

Allan Hamilton

Phone: (905) 523-1839


6 thoughts on “Artist Notice of Inquiry

    • Totally a freak accident. I was simply gripping my camera too tightly and pressed the shutter release button as a reflex of overexerting pressure.

      Not all of my SP includes faces and heads but if I were to shoot this deliberately, I would have tried to get the heads in.

      I like this shot regardless because of the abstract shapes and forms in the shadows but mainly due to what I’m picking up by the way the guitar man (presumably in his mid-twenties) walks. I make street portraits occasionally. I mainly make images that capture body posture and language; very telling of how a person is likely experiencing a given moment emotionally, intellectually.

      In this shot, the guitar man seems to move with little purpose. He wants to do something, go somewhere but he’s not quite sure what or it any effort will be worth it. He doesn’t step like he has the forward intent of someone with greater confidence and self assurance. With one hand he clings firmly to that guitar; nevertheless, as though the music he can make with that instrument is the only important and sustaining thing left in his life now.

      I wonder why he comports himself like that? Did he just find out that the girl he hoped to make a future with isn’t so interested in him? Who knows. His circumstances at that moment could have been anything.

      This is the type of conjecture I consider while making SP. I wonder about people; lives.

  1. Hi Allan:
    I just read your posting today so it’s too late to submit something together for Artist’s Inc. I’m also very much a loner but perhaps we can connect on other opportunities in Hamilton. Keep in touch. Cheers, Linda

  2. Actually it’s not too late. I’m meeting someone tomorrow who wants to partner up and begin planning the submission but the artist call is for group exhibitions so, if you’re still interested you could join us. If not, I’d definitely still like to explore potential projects with you.

    By the way, my wife says your name is familiar.

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