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I photographed these ice-fogged trees only a minute after the one used in Steadfast in Dormancy. Both scenes and pictures inspired me to write free verse poems on having strength of character. Trees tend to do that quite frequently with me.

What I started off writing for this image didn’t end up as a poem. Instead, it transformed into a short introspective list of how to develop and sustain strength of character. Not anything that I would consider genius just some fundamental rules for living that I was raised with that, although I’ve lived by them for most of my life, I’ve never written them down before. Rules that I know work from a lifetime of experience.

“Firmly Rooted and Growing with Strength” was a name I thought to give to the image and treatise because I thought “Grounded” would be too common. In the end; nevertheless, I settled on the less long-winded title.

  • Rule No. 1: Never repeat your mistakes; this applies just as much to your relationships with acquaintances, friends and family members as well as everything else, and of course requires being able to recognize and admit to your errors.
  • Rule No. 2: Strive to forgive yourself and others; if this is truly difficult and not in any way due to your own stubbornness, see rule number one.
  • Rule No. 3: Avoid allowing yourself and others to compromise your virtues and ambitions; denying your oppressors the freedom to put you down and hold you back is not an act of betrayal but an act of standing up for yourself.
  • Rule No. 4: Strive to live with good purpose and let this way of life shape your goals; of course this requires knowing the real difference between right and wrong.
  • Rule No. 5: Dream; others will try to steer you away from this practice but do it obstinately for dreaming is the mother of ambition.
  • Rule No. 6: Strive to eliminate all addictions and suppress compulsions; you are your own worst enemy and are doomed to failure without self-control.
  • Rule No. 7: If anything you think of doing is not firmly rooted in simple logic, don’t do it; why complicate your existence with things that don’t make sense?

16 thoughts on “Landscape Photography

  1. VERY GOOD ADVICE! I look at this photo and think we must stand tall and strong against the weather changes of life. Grounded in our beliefs and deep rooted in the foundation that we grew from. Always reaching up and branching out.


    • Thank you, Francine. This shot has become a bit of a fan favourite in my neck of the woods.

      The rules aren’t the secret of life but they do work wonders.

      All the best to you.

    • When I shot this, you couldn’t even hear the bitterly cold breeze passing through the trees in the country. It was an environment that seemed desolate and inhibiting to life but there it was; those trees defiantly overcoming the odds.

  2. If you live by all those rules “You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din”. I wish I could abide by half of them. I knew you had to be a good person, and this seals it. 😉
    The trees are certainly a good visual for your written word.

    • A perfect soul I do not have but I’ve never really been a bad boy either. I try to think on my feet and as far enough ahead as possible. The rules have kept me out of a lot of trouble, and kept me advancing.

      Stubborness is a big thing with me. If I’m not careful, I can do some serious damage so I stay quite conscious of that. I control it not through suppression but by deliberately using it to forward my objectives so long as they do not transgress on the fundamental rights and freedoms of others.

    • It was quite frigid. Cold enough to cause the water mist in the air to form into free floating isce crystals; ice fog. I like the high key lighting effect that it naturally creates.

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