Illustrated City Part 15

Here Lies the Thane of Goblin Hall

Here Lies the Thane of Goblin Hall

For me, walking into a place where a street artist has left his or her mark is like stepping into an artist’s canvas. Entering the secret spaces used specifically by graffiti writers can sometimes be like entering a fantasy realm.

It’s exciting. My heart does indeed thump harder in my chest. I get strange sensations on my skin.

I’m a lover of speculative fiction and spaces like these fuel my imagination.

Although I don’t make the sort of art they do I arrive with my camera to admire the work from among them that I think is best, and record the places that have been used as open air studios. This is my playground.

If only more others could see the beauty that I see.

11 thoughts on “Illustrated City Part 15

    • Absolutely. I’ve observed long trains that have tagged cars showing signs of having been all over North America. Some from Teas, another from Alaska, another from Vancouver, another yet from NYC. All on one freight train.

  1. Oh yes. I do see the beauty and the talent, just not when defacing someone’s property. Everything in its place? No. Thinking out of the box is cool. Don’t fence me in and all, but not on my fence. Ugh! I sound so soap boxy!

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