Weekly Post Challenge: “Colour”

Finishing a Day at the Beach

Finishing a Day at the Beach

I was doing street photography in Port Dover one summer, and this was one of the last shots I made there that day.

The situation was so colourful, family oriented and reminiscent of a moment captured in a Norman Rockwell painting, especially with that big Coca Cola vending machine, that I was inspired to apply a painterly digital filter to the picture in post production.  It’s not something I do a lot with photographs.  When I want an image to look like it’s painted, I usually prefer to get out my oils and hand paint it.  I, nevertheless, thought it was worth it to go digital here.

I think the effect may be too strong. I might try it again with the filter settings reduced to bring out a little more realism.


15 thoughts on “Weekly Post Challenge: “Colour”

    • Yes, it’s not bad without the filter.

      I too can’t wait for summer. Or at least until the world starts turning green again. That shouldn’t be long now. The trees in my neck of the woods are growing big buds.

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    • It’s called Paint Daubs, and is meant to simulate oils or even water colour depending on your jitter settings. In most cases, it does look more like oil applied in an impressionist style and sometimes a contemporary photorealism style. I find it seldom looks like watercolour, and there is an actual “Watercolor” filter in the Filter Gallery.

      In PS go Filter > Filter Gallery, select Paint Daubs

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