Weekly Post Challenge: “Change”

Key to the Future

Key to the Future

WordPress couldn’t have posed a timelier theme for this week’s photo challenge.

What you see above is the result of months of serious, arduous planning between my wife and me. We had been contemplating it for the past two years, began more meticulously strategizing for it in the spring of 2012 and set to work pulling it off right from the beginning of 2013. It has consumed us almost entirely. It’s almost a miracle that I was able to pull of a wedding photography contract in the process.

Our efforts to obtain this very key is even the leading reason why I have not blogged as much or as informatively as I did last year. It is the overall plan that I deliberately did not mention with any specificity in my 2013 resolution but is the basis for all of the other goals I listed.

This is the key, acquired 16 hours before this post hit the Internet, to our new place. This place will not just be our new home but the new headquarters of Modes of Flight.

It’s a bigger place with better style in another great location. Although we’re already moving in slowly, we don’t officially move in until a couple weeks time. I want to; nevertheless, thank all of those who have supported MOF in the last year in any way possible as you have helped us reach this milestone.


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