Weekly Post Challenge: “The Sign Says”

Exchange of Words

Exchange of Words

I thought I’d take a shot at this week’s challenge by WordPress. Click HERE for the story.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Post Challenge: “The Sign Says”

  1. Had I been the guy having words with Ponytail, it would have been on the lines of, ‘Do you really think you are achieving anything at all by displaying that thing?’
    Nicely-timed shot.

    • I always find protesting this way a double edged sword. Yes, something is being done about a real problem but is it effective? At what point does it become necessary to say, “With all of our good intentions considered, this has been done before, and we know that it’s not enough. We desperately need to try something else, and if we don’t yet know what that is, then let’s apply our precious energies toward figuring that out for the betterment of everyone.”

    • Instead of protesting outside an embassy, consulate or The House of Commons, I’ve actually seen citizens picket outside our City Hall over a serious issue occuring in another country. It doesn’t make sense to me. I know what they expect city council to do about it?

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