MOF in the Garden 2013

Droplets in Bloom

Droplets in Bloom

Yes, it’s that time again!

My illustrations and fine art photography prints will be on exhibit at Neighbour to Neighbour’s (N2N’s) Art in the Garden and Children’s Food Literacy Festival. This year’s outdoor community art show will be:

Saturday June 22nd from noon to 5:00pm
at the
Neighbour to Neighbour Centre
28 Athens Street, Hamilton, ON L9C 3K9

I hope to see you all there.

Since 1986 N2N’s Community Food Access programs have fed over 18,000 Hamilton Mountain families. The Community Garden program was implemented three years ago to provide healthy, culturally appropriate fresh fruits and vegetables while ensuring that their clients have access to growing their own food.

Initially functioning as a food bank for Hamilton Mountain residents, N2N expanded their services and programs in response to the needs of their clients. Today, their Food Access Program assists over 1,100 families each month; their Kids Can Succeed Tutoring Program helps over 200 school-aged children improve their reading skills, and their Resource Counseling Program provides housing support, advice on settlement and employment issues, health, education and advocacy.

Open Garden Week began in 1992 as a national effort by a gardening magazine. The concept faded away elsewhere but became The Hamilton Spectator Open Garden Week in 1995.

Responding to The Spectator’s call for 100 open gardens for the 20th Annual Open Garden Week (2007), N2N rallied local artists and musicians to showcase right in their Community Garden located at the Centre’s head office. Art in the Garden has been a growing annual tradition ever since.

For more information about Neighbour to Neighbour Centre and Art in the Garden please call 905-574-1334.

12 thoughts on “MOF in the Garden 2013

    • Thanks, Cardinal. I didn’t want to make a typical flower shot. I wanted an in-my-face-macro, and fortunately the petals had the remnant evaporating water dropplets from a rainfall to give it a little extra character.

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