MOF Thanks N2N

The Planted Gallery

The Planted Gallery

I just wanted to say thanks again to Sara Collyer and the staff of Neighbour to Neighbour (N2N) for hosting the third annual Art in the Garden and Children’s Food Literacy Festival on June 22, 2013. This was my second time exhibiting at the event. I enjoyed participating in the cause, and meeting artists that I didn’t get to meet last year.

I also want to say thanks to all of the people who came to support Hamilton’s local artists who performed live music and also showcased their work.

For three days prior, the forecast called for a 60% chance of a thunderstorm. Fortunately, it never happened. Although the winds were quite high and difficult, they were nothing that everyone couldn’t deal with, and the sun stayed bright and comfortably warm all day long.

I intend to be part of this event next year. I hope that more artists will get involved and more visitors will come to see the local talent. It’s like another Art Crawl for the city but up on the mountain.

Onion Stalks

Onion Stalks

This is a great cause that needs encouragement. A free outdoor art exhibit in a community garden, and the maintenance of the garden plots themselves, are:

  1. An important source of good food;
  2. A different, creative, exciting, grassroots and dignified way of helping the needy in Hamilton’s neighbourhoods contend with issues of hunger and poverty;
  3. Clear-cut proof that not all who need help in this town sit around and wait for it but that there are many who actively take all proper available opportunities to confront their own challenges;
  4. Concerted action now to reduce future illiteracy and education deficits within the city;
  5. A unique and modern way to promote local art and artists;
  6. A way for local artists to meet and network with each other;
  7. A way for citizens to meet and interact with their fellow artists;
  8. A way for citizens to get involved in their communities and realize our potential;
  9. Another way for local artists and citizens to unify and contribute to the advancement of all Hamiltonians no matter what social and economic demographics we have; and
  10. Necessary.
Engaged Arts

Engaged Arts



N2N is located at

28 Athens Street, Hamilton, ON L9C 3K9

For more information about the Neighbour to Neighbour Centre please call 905-574-1334.


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