MOF Gets a Liebster Award

She's Leaving This Town

She’s Leaving This Town

Okay! So a few months ago, I posted that Emi Valdarquis of Screwiness-O-Rama nominated MOF for the One Lovely Blog Award. Earlier this year, he nominated the main blog again for the Liebster Award. Thank you again, Emi.

Yes, this backburnered post has been a long time comin’.

Question; just who is Liebster?



Of course, there are a few things I’m expected to do to accept this award. This is when I have to make numbered lists of things that remind me of trying to get a hold of a warm body during an important phone call, and instead I get an automated operator; “For such and such, press 1, for something else, press 2, for instructions in a language that you can understand, press 3,” and so on . . .

  • Post 22 random things about myself.

22 in one post, plus practically repeat the step in the next acceptance requirement? Yeah, right!

  • Answer 22 questions from the person who nominated me.

Until somebody tells me 22 things about this Liebster character, I’m only answering 10 questions. So there!

1. What do you do?

I’m a 2D visual artist (yeah, awdist).

2. Where are you from?

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

3. What’s your favourite colour?


4. Who’s your favourite movie star?

It’s an even tie between Sydney Poitier and Denzel Washington.

5. What kind of music do you like?

From opera to industrial rock, my taste is quite diverse. It’s easiest to say that my least favourite would be the genre’s of heavy metal but even amongst metal there are some songs that I like.

6. What are your turn-ons and your turn-offs?

Turn-ons: My wife, the arts, traveling, sci-fi, fantasy, martial arts, dogs and wildlife.
Turn-offs: bigotry in all of its forms.

7. What does your last text say?

I don’t text.

8. Are you allergic to anything?

Animal dander and pollen. I’m also quite lactose intolerant.

9. What is something you’ve always wanted to do but never could?

Fly exactly like an eagle.

10. What does your URL mean?

Ah, read THIS!

  • Post 11 new questions to those bloggers I nominate.

I nearly cut these down to 10 as well but I found it prudent to do the full 11. I do hope that I am asking questions that are of real interest to those I nominate and those who hope to be inspired by street photographers.

  1. Name the top three street photographers who inspire you?
  2. What city or community do you prefer to shoot the most, if you have a favourite?
  3. Why is it important for you to shoot there?
  4. How would you describe your personal interest in or attraction to street photography?
  5. What personal restrictions, if any, do you place on your work?
  6. Even though our best intentions can go horribly awry, has it ever been your intent to harm others in any way with street or urban photography?
  7. What sort of things have you personally had to do when being confronted by people who object in any way to you merely aiming a lens in their general direction?
  8. What do you hope people will discover or experience while observing your work?
  9. Do you regard street photography as an art?
  10. Do you think that street photography has become or is at risk of becoming a fad?
  11. Are you partial to B/W, colour or whatever works for a specific shot or overall project?

    Lost in Thought

    Lost in Thought

  • Nominate 22 bloggers, and let them know I’ve done so.

Probably the best aspect of blogging is that you get to comb through other people’s blogs. You get to see just how many talented people there are out there in the world. Some are extremely recognized for their creativity while others are either on their way or preferring to stay low key. No matter what the situation, it’s important and worth it to acknowledge their output. It can be difficult to do because there’s so many to take notice of but it’s still worth it to try.

As Screwiness-O-Rama is a street photography blog that I really admire, I’m nominating 22 other inspiring WordPress blogs that are strictly ongoing projects of SP (and related subgenres) that I enjoy looking in on from time-to-time. Yes, I’m listing them in first name alphabetical order as usual. No, I’m not going to post comments on their pages to let them know. I’m going to let the ping-backs from the hyperlinks I’m imbedding into the text do that for me (I never really follow nomination rules exactly as presented). They can come back to this page to read the questions I have for them if it’s in their interest.

1. 125tel | Fotogalerie – His work deserves to have been nominated a long time ago.
2. 1 Day – 1 Shot
3. A Walk With My Camera
4. B.C. Lorio Images – Oh yes, a very personal favourite of mine. If you haven’t seen Brian’s work yet, please do. Congratulations on your first exhibit, Brian.
5. Barbara Guignard – Very special work. Her images often convey the intimacy of people in public places.
6. Beirut Street Photographers (BSP) – Do you want to see some beautiful and interesting SP? Click this link.
7. Brisstreet
8. Chris wangphotography
9. Claire Atkinson – I think I’ve nominated her before but it’s worth it to do it again.
10. colourlesscity
11. eldiablo89 – I have to nominate this project. Like me, Ibnu Suhada hasn’t posted often lately but it’s worth it to keep your eye on his blog for those times that he does put up a new shot.
12. Every Hundredth of a Second
13. Fake Empire State – This is a must see for UrbEx fans.
14. Found in the Subway
15. Gemar Photo
16. Getting Closer
17. gimletsandfilm
18. Images and journeys of a searching mind
19. Images From Around The World
20. Images of China Through English Eyes
21. Jenquest Photography
22. Jimmy On The Run – Profound street portraiture.

While I’m at it, I also want to thank all of you who have become regular observers of the Hammer Home Street Photography Project. I very much appreciate all of the feedback and likes that you give. You help me to reach higher.

If your interested in viewing or joining a no rules Facebook street photography community, I highly recommend Emi’s Group SP / 12. We’d all love to see your contributions, read your thoughts; positive or negative, and share any other contributions or resources you may have toward street photography.


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