Landscape Photography

Summer Night

Summer Night

I’m not much of a gardener. I didn’t inherit that gene from my mother but those closest to me know that I’m intrigued by trees. I couldn’t tell you the names of most species but the growth, strength, fragility, life supporting aspect and physical appearance of trees have always impacted my consciousness.

I first photographed this beach strip tree as part of a street photography jaunt. In admiring its Acacia-like shape, I was struck with the idea to return to it later and create this low-light nature landscape.


24 thoughts on “Landscape Photography

    • Thank you Kenneth. The idea I had for a very long time was to create a film noir portrait of a tree. The trick was finding a tree with a shape I liked and that would reflect the strobe in the way I needed it to. This tree has been the closest so far but I’m still looking for something more like what I’m envisioning in my head.

    • Exactly, that horizontal vector of light with fall off at the side farthest from the strobe, and the trunk lit up on just one side. That’s what I wanted.

      Thank you, Patti.

    • Yes, that’s another one of my thoughts behind this. When the world begins to see something important as being humdrum, those of us who care should try to present that thing through a new approach. Encourage rediscovery. Artists play an important role in this effort.

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