Weekly Post Challenge: “An Unusual POV”



I think this shot fits in well with WordPress’ latest photography challenge. Click HERE for the story.


24 thoughts on “Weekly Post Challenge: “An Unusual POV”

    • Yes, I too have done some architectural photography. There is a definite connection. Those who have practiced AP usually pick up urban photography with positive results, and both genres tend to have a noticeable impact on a person’s work in either genre.

      • As long as it’s NOT interior photography! OMG balancing the lighting is a NIGHTMARE you HAVE to shoot large format (which I don’t mind if it’s the Eiffel Tower) But I always forget the formula for balancing indoor and outdoor light. I can’t find my folder for it as a guide either. DO YOU KNOW? Maybe I’ll just google it…

  1. I always look at emergency exit stairs, and always find most of them worth to take shots. Yet, I never really took one that is worthy to share. I don’t know. I feel awkward taking time to find the right angles of those stairs. People would think of me crazy… or maybe a stalker gathering intels. Ahihihi.

    • I went by feel; what had an impact on me aesthetically. For the stairs specifically, it was important for me to make sure that they were rendered largely as silhouettes and shadows. I completely ignored texture and geometry in their regards. Texture was only a consideration for the brick walls. Geometry was left to the angles I shot the lit walls and deepest shadows at.

      This composition helped convey the mysteriousness of the scene and story that was in my head.

    • Thank you. I still like the red filter effect in skies too.

      The older shots of this alley were shot on 35mm in which I had to use a red filter. This time around, I shot it digitally so I recreated the effect digitally in post-prod.

    • I was hoping that obvious geometrical shapes, predominantly triangle, would somehow enhance the urban look with a modernist feel.

      I think the brick texture helps to sustain a rough notion of the alley and the life in it, either the real life of real residences with real people or the fantastical one in my head.

    • That’s what drew me to that alleyway and fire escape the most. I wanted to convey that there’s something in those deep dark inky shadows. Something quite curious.

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