MOF Gets a New VIBA

“Green Eyes” – a very old fantasy art piece.

“Green Eyes” – a very old fantasy art piece.

Well, this award is sort of new. This one actually goes waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back! Back to January! Thank you Ksenia of Moments for this Very Inspiring Blogger Award (VIBA). I appreciate this recognition from a very sharp photojournalist. Sorry for taking so long to accept it.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

To accept it, here’s what I gotta do . . .

  • Firstly, link back to the person who nominated MOF.


  • Secondly, post the award image on this page.

Also done.

  • Thirdly, tell seven random facts about yourself (MOF).

Yeah right! I speak about myself through my artwork.

  • Lastly, nominate fifteen other blogs:

1. Joshi Daniel – I’ve nominated Joshi before but it’s worth it to do it again; absolutely remarkable street portraiture.
2. Lansangan
3. Lost In Translation – I’ve been following Paula for a very long time. Gorgeous landscape photography.
4. Mad Woman With a Camera
5. Mark Kertesz Photography
6. MiltonJohns Photography – He shoots whatever genuinely impacts him.
7. Ming Wang Photography
8. Mishmash – The work of Mimi Patenaude; it’s about time that I paid respect to this fellow Canadian.
9. Modern Heiroglyphics – A great blog on graffiti and street art.
10. Monochrome
11. Monochrome one Photoblog
12. My Blog – Abstract portraiture from a Vancouver artist finding her way through the blogosphere.
13. My Blog with Pretty Pictures – Very impressive street photography.
14. Nylon Daze – Patti Kuche is an English photojournalist in New York. Her blog is a must see.
15. Next Picture, Please >>>


9 thoughts on “MOF Gets a New VIBA

    • Thanks. It’s more as a concept piece than a full fledged fantasy illustration. I painted it back in the early 90’s. It was an attempt to envision a look and feel for an action comic book that was never realized; practically a random and virtually meaningless concept I had in my head. I wondered what a member of a cat worshipping cult might look like, and this is what I came up with.

    • Yes, it’s a pretty blurred and unedited photo. I felt it was enough for this post.

      I created the image to appear as though it were a potential comic cover or poster. This sort of look was most popular back in the 80’s and trailing of in the 90’s.

      Sometimes I look at my old work to remind myself of where I’ve come from artistically.

  1. Ouh, love the illustration, as much as all the nice stuff you wrote about me :-p Do you still make illustrations? I drew ALL THE TIME when I was younger, but I can’t find the time anymore (even though I barely do anything these days) – my muses have all fled. 😦

    • Oh yes, I’m definitely still primarily an illustrator although it doesn’t seem like it. Photography rules the world now, and I’m enjoying that but I will return to my roots of drawing and painting whenever I can.

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