Weekly Post Challenge: “Let There Be Light”

George Street

George Street

Here’s to all those people who have said that they want to see more winter landscapes from me. I’m happy to say that this shot has become a bit of a local favourite, and I am quite satisfied to produce something that isn’t the run of the mill, picture postcard snowy forest image. I’m thrilled that with this piece I get to show that sometimes it’s the most unpopular places that shine so brightly.

Click HERE for the story.


37 thoughts on “Weekly Post Challenge: “Let There Be Light”

    • Thanks Paula. I’ll see what I can do. Finding this was a bit of luck. I went out to walk and shoot just before the snow began to fall and tried to take advantage of the weather. I almost walked the other way where I’m now sure I wouldn’t have found anything.

      I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for something interesting.

    • I don’t believe I have Seasonal Affected Disorder but this season usually puts me in a bad mood. Too cold for my liking. I perfer to not layer my clothing. I take it however, that you approve of the shot, and I am happy for that. Thanks, Joshi.

  1. I bow to thee. You never cease to impress. I’m not afrad to say even if it means I’m favoring you more than others but this is best submission this week. You are awesome.

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