2014 Resolution Herald

2014 Resolution Herald

It’s time for those questions again. How did MOF do in sticking to last year’s resolutions, and how does that affect the objectives for 2014? Well, here we go . . .

• Illustration; same as in 2012. Despite my efforts to end the famine I’ve produce very little. No paintings, ink or digital work was completed, only a few graphite drawings and nothing really serious. Again, it was because photography still rules the world. The “revisioning” of my fictional world Rädën has also been stalled due to the NASA’s Kepler research team being unable to locate an adequate Earth analogue (although Kepler 62e and especially Kepler 62f appear to be the best candidates so far; even for potentially using both as settings for worlds on which to illustrate adventures), so I have yet to produce any new Sci-Fi and fantasy art based on Rädën.

• Photography; was a blast in 2013, in fairly high demand, especially with regards to street photography. My work in SP resulted in being invited to the Hamilton Camera Club (HCC) to give an introductory presentation on the genre. That subsequently led to my hosting street photography walks with some of their members. There was more wedding work done, more family portraiture and more fine art landscape. Why mess with a good thing? These productions will continue in 2014, and I’ve already begun working towards exhibitions. I especially want to start pushing the Hammer Home Street Photography Project in the direction of gallery exhibitions.

• Revising and refining the main website; this didn’t get done, and the groundwork I did achieve in 2012 was also a bust for 2013 once I faced a major technological deficiency I have. A target for 2014 is to acquire a new computer, software, a whole lot of electronic storage – quite vital, and support that will enable me to make greater and necessary artistic and marketing achievements.

Blogging; in my attempts to keep all of the other personal and professional aspects of my life in balance (click here for WordPress’ assessment of how this blog did in 2013) I did make less posts on the main MOF blog last year in comparison to 2012. That will likely stay the same but I have begun the groundwork of taking some of the standard background pages that receive moderate attention, and repost them as ongoing blog series. Being that Hammer Home is meant to be mainly an interactive photography blog project, I certainly stepped up my blogging there by committing to making a post each weekday. That will continue indefinitely.

Launch an Artist Run Initiative; the moderately successful Flying Low of 2012 didn’t fly at all in 2013. As my wife and I had relocated early in the year (a major adjustment that took almost the rest of 2013 to fully come to terms with), it was essential that we made sure that our new neighbours would not be uneasy with the attention that the area may get from non-area residents coming around during the summer months. You know how we crazy artists can get. It appears that we have made a most favourable impression and some have expressed interest in the events, including others who didn’t participate in the previous year. So, reinitiating the initiative is likely a go for 2014. The biggest concern I do foresee is that I still need to network much more with other local artists in order to be able to generate more attention to Flying Low. In addition; likely far more of a consideration for future years instead of 2014, is contending with restrictions imposed by the City of Hamilton SEAT (Special Event Advisory Team).

Any event that takes place outdoors on City property (i.e. parks, roadway or on the City Hall Forecourt) that includes any of the following elements OR any event that takes place on private property that has significant impact on City services MUST fill in a City of Hamilton SEAT application, and submit it at least 120 days before the event to allow city staff enough time to review the application to ensure that ALL City of Hamilton requirements are in place or going to be met.

Event planners must purchase insurance of between $2 million and $5 million depending on what type of activities are being scheduled to take place, and they need to name the city as Additional Insurer:

— Food being given or sold to the GENERAL PUBLIC (not a picnic, BBQ or family reunion where food is being given to invited guests);

— Electrical requirements (you need to plug into an outlet for power);

— Sound amplification;

— Tents larger than 10 feet x 10 feet;

— Alcohol;

— Fireworks;

— Amusement Rides and / or inflatables (i.e. bouncers / bouncy castles / jumping gyms);

— Projected attendance of over 1,000 people.

Most of these elements are not a part of Flying Low, and probably never will be but the one or two elements that could be applicable still make the SEAT a faction to watch out for in years beyond 2014 should Flying Low grow considerably. It would be a shame if the city’s good intentioned standards actually grounded any initiative like Flying Low and prevented its growth.

Understandably, the SEAT ensures that events are planned with the public’s health and safety in mind. When you submit your application, your event information is shared with departments across the City to ensure that applicable permits and insurance are secured.

Competition; this was a bust for 2013. I didn’t succeed in any of the challenges I entered, and I was again careful to steer clear of the scam competitions. Never say “die”, nevertheless. Some years you win, some you loose. That’s how it is. We’ll see what I can try my luck . . . er talent, with in 2014.

So, 2013 saw an achievement of 2 out of the 6 objectives. Only 33% of my resolutions but I won’t sing the blues. Whoever said that freelance commercial art is an easy gig? I have to concentrate very hard on increasing gains by 60% in 2014, and as usual I wish success for all other artists everywhere.

At this time, I’d like to say thanks to all those who became the top 5 commentators on this blog in 2013:

These are ALL extremely talented visual artists worth checking out, and I always appreciate theirs and everybody’s likes and feedback; here and in Hammer Home.

I wish a content, joyous and creative 2014 to everyone!


9 thoughts on “Mercenartist-2014

  1. 2013 was less for both of us. I just read one other blog, and he’s the same with us both. If I didn’t have a hiatus, I would’ve knocked Paula out of my spot. Ahihihi 😀 You know how much I love your blog, Allan. Thanks for being my blog friend. I hope you can meet your goals this year. It sounds like you have a lot of things to look forward to, which is the great thing. I really hope, I can feel it almost, that you’ll find (back) the right click to things.

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