Weekly Post Challenge: “Window”

Freedom within Sight

Freedom within Sight

This window shot recently took on slightly new meaning for me.  Click HERE for the story.


20 thoughts on “Weekly Post Challenge: “Window”

  1. Hello Allan, I don’t remember you taking part in weekly photo challenges. I am glad to see that now you do. Your caption of the pic reflects exactly what I felt at the first sight. SUPERBLY DONE!

  2. A suprise submission, and a great one at that. It reminded me of my “Restricted” pic from my Shot Into Smithereens post, but of course not as brilliant as yours. Somehow, this image actually looks lonely to me.

    • Yes, very lonely. I wanted to convey an idea of being isolated or ostracized while going through tremendously difficult circumstances but seeing one’s way through it all.

      I’m not surprised that you picked up on that very well. You typically shoot and write as though you have a cherished heart and soul.

    • Somewhat, yes. When I entered the room, that walking through the valley of the shadow of death feel came over me. Grimness and trepidation certainly surrounding but with a strong sign of salvation coming into view.

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